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What Challenging Task Do Some Veterans Struggle With When Applying for Disability Benefits?

 Understanding Medical Jargon         

 Too often, veterans skim through their service treatment records without fully understanding the diagnoses and critical details. These records use complex medical jargon, making it difficult to connect conditions to military service – impacting your ability to properly explain why VA disability benefits are deserved.

Before embarking upon the complex journey towards securing VA disability benefits, a thorough nurse review of your service treatment record is paramount. Our nurse review service thoroughly examines your  records to help educate & explain any medical jargon within the medical record. 

*Please note: We do not provide preparation, presentation or prosecution of claims for VA benefits. Our nurse review service provides medical record education only. Please consult an accredited VA representative if you require VA Claims assistance. In addition, we do not have any relationships with medical consulting firms that provide medical diagnosis, nexus statements/letters, or DBQ’s.

Prepare Your Medical Records For VA Disability Inspection

Applying for VA disability benefits can feel overwhelming.

Reflecting on my own journey, I navigated the BDD VA Claim process in 2018. I transitioned from active duty to the Army Reserves and eventually medically retired in 2021. This experience gave me firsthand insight into the hurdles service members and veterans face. The key challenge? Communicating the symptomology of my all of my conditions to my VSO, C&P Examiner, and ultimately the VA disability Rater or adjudicator.

At Open Ranks Nurse Consulting Services, we know getting VA disability benefits is harder than just filling out forms. You need to truly understand your own medical records and team up with an Accredited VA Representative for ultimate success.

Jerome is the guy who clears the smoke, so you can see clearly. He is a caring professional who truly cares about each person he works with, and stays with you until the mission is complete. In my opinion, the best resource available.

Rick M.

Trouble Understanding Your Medical Records?

We understand. This is what nurses do. We provide the clarity that you need. Contact us to review your service treatment records today!

“Jerome’s thorough medical record review enabled me to understand the “medicalease” within my records. I felt better equipped to meet with my physician to ask for a medical opinion” 

 Reggie. M

What Our Clients Say

Too bad Jerome can't clone himself. The world could use a hundred more of him! :)
Words cannot express that Jerome is a God sent. I can't wait to tell others about him that they could relax and believe and know that he would do the best that he can to help you understand your medical history.
Nathan M.

Decode, Understand, Gain Clarity

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