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Prepare Your Medical Records For VA Disability Inspection

Empowering Service Members & Veterans to Effectively Advocate for Their
VA Disability Benefits Through Medical Record Education, Inspection and Organization.

Simplifying the Process of Communicating your medical history for Disability Evaluation

Open Ranks Nurse Consulting Services provides medical record organization & nurse audits for those who are navigating the VA disability claims process. One of the main barriers to an accurate evaluation is disorganized and fragmented medical records.

Open Ranks uses their nursing training to provide clients, like you, with an organized picture of your medical history. This saves you time and ensures your conditions are considered during the VA disability process.

Together we can sort through your medical record history

Filing for VA disability can be very overwhelming. As a background, I went through the BDD VA Claim process in 2018, transitioned out of the military and  joined the Army Reserves. In 2021, I medically retired through the Army Medical Evaluation Board. My goal is to help service members and veterans understand the importance of presenting your medical record history in a clear and organized manner.

Jerome is the guy who clears the smoke, so you can see clearly. He is a caring professional who truly cares about each person he works with, and stays with you until the mission is complete. In my opinion, the best resource available.


Preparing and organizing your medical records for the VA disability claims process is not easy! But don’t worry, I’ve got your six! For service members, check out my BDD  & MEB VA claim tips before going through the military transition process.


What Our Clients Say

Too bad Jerome can't clone himself. The world could use a hundred more of him! 🙂
Words cannot express that Jerome is a God sent. I can't wait to tell others about him that they could relax and believe and know that he would do the best that he can to get them what is owed to them.

Are your medical records ready for inspection?