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This page contains helpful tips about the DoD & VA disability evaluation system. I have also linked a few recent videos if you want to listen while you scroll. Disclaimer: The tips below are my opinions only. They do not represent the opinions of any government or non-government agency.

I read the regulations and forms in advance.

Set yourself up for success by understanding the process.

I sought treatment for all of my injuries.

Sometimes service members avoid going to medical( MEB Mistakes) for fear of the “sick call ranger” label. Do not let that bother you. Take care of yourself and seek treatment. By seeking treatment, you are creating medical documentation and evidence.

Having a paper organization system is crucial.

Consider creating an I Love Me Medical Board Book. Are you confused about how and where to start? (Workbook Free Video)

Benefits Delivery at Discharge(BDD) Tips

My favorite VA Disability Discussion Group platform is Reddit

Consider becoming a member of the r/VeteransBenefits group.

The Master Condition List & Knowledge Base sections will help you tremendously. 

I always communicate my medical history using the SBAR format.

SBAR stands for Situation, Background, Action, and Result. Would you like to rehearse?

Print, Sort, Review, Organize, and Present

Build an I Love Me” Medical Record Book, Time now! Save yourself the time and headache of locating and remembering your medical history. Prepare for the 5,10, and 15-year review now.