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How the Process Works

Before Action Review Intake Process

Our intake process is meticulously tailored to address the specific challenges you may face in reviewing, organizing, presenting, and ultimately communicating your medical historybefore engaging the DOD, VA, or SSA. Servicemembers and Veterans must go through the following steps:

Phase 1: (S1) Administrative

Step 1: Contact Us

We understand the importance of your journey, and we're eager to assist you in navigating the complexities of the different disability systems. This step will start you on the path to a better understanding of your VA disability medical records and the services available to you. Click here to complete the form today!

Step 2: Intake

(No Cost) Here, you'll answer background medical history questions, sign a HIPAA compliance document, and book your discovery call. You'll also gain access to your private workspace, where you can conveniently download essential documents and our exclusive guide on the "Top 5 Reasons for Organizing Medical Records."

Step 3: Discovery Call (Required)

($185) We will delve into your medical history, tailor our services to your specific needs, and provide invaluable insights on organizing, preparing, and effectively communicating your medical history to both medical and non-medical staff. Your journey is about to become clearer and more manageable. 

Phase 2: (S2) Intelligence

Empower yourself with the “intel” so that you can develop a clear course of action, whether you are filing with an accredited representative or on your own.

Step 4: Medical Evidence Prep Consultation (Required)

($295) The goal of this consult is to empower you with a comprehensive grasp of the pivotal role medical records plays within the DOD, VA, or SSDI claims process. You'll gain access to valuable templates and real-life examples to help you create a persuasive Personal Impact Statement and a well-organized Medical Record Chronology. 

Once the Medical Evidence Prep is complete, you will presented with the below choices:

Service Treatment Record Scrub

($1295) Designed for service members and veterans, gain comprehensive insights into uncovering diagnoses that may be hidden within your medical records. Don't solely depend on the "Problems List & Diagnosis History" to reveal the full picture. 

Medical Record Nurse Review

Pricing Range: Starts at $625-2475. Minimum page up load: up to 250; Max: 1000 for 1 diagnosis. Our holistic approach to reviewing and analyzing medical records can capture often overlooked key clinical events. This service offers you crucial insights into your physician's objective assessment of your diagnosis.

Phase 3: Operations Packet Development

Step 5: Operation "Packet Development"

The meticulous organization and clear presentation of your medical evidence matter. Our complete packet ensures that VSOs, Medical Examiners, and Adjudicators comprehend your medical history thoroughly and efficiently. Your journey becomes not only well-informed but also expertly presented. Learn more
We will offer the following services based on your needs:

VSO Prep

($595) Our VSO Prep service empowers you with organized records, saves time, ensures accuracy, and boosts your confidence. 

Nexus Prep

($895) We meticulously analyze and connect the relevant medical information from your military and civilian records, creating a comprehensive overview for your doctor. Our targeted approach ensures that the physician can quickly grasp your medical history, making it easier for them to write a strong nexus letter. 

Prepare Your Medical Records For VA Disability Inspection

“Words cannot express that Jerome is a God send. I can’t wait to tell others about him that they could relax and believe and know that he would do the best that he can to get them what is owed to them.”

Start the onboading process

After submitting the contact form, you can expect to receive an email detailing the subjects we’ll cover during your discovery call, the necessary documents, our services, and the procedure for scheduling a suitable time.